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When and Why Member Risk Status Changes

Member risk is always shown at the top of a member's profile, below their photo:


Member Risk is all about membership risk, and nothing to do with health risk! You may notice a member's risk level change occasionally based on how they use the gym.

This is because It is based on a member's usual gym attendance habits; the system takes a few weeks to build a 'picture' of how a new member normally uses the gym. Then, a risk level is assigned and if the member deviates from their usual attendance pattern, the risk level will change.

Don't worry too much if it does change though! A change in risk level is simply a reminder that the member isn't attending the gym with their usual frequency; this could be due to all kinds of different reasons, such as a lifestyle change or an injury for example. It might be a sign that their interest in the gym is waning though!

It is reviewed once per week on a Sunday, but the review task runs throughout the day to spread the computing load, and so there is no guaranteed time when your members will change.


  • For a new member, the risk level will not be shown for three weeks whilst the attendance pattern is being determined. During this time, the risk level will appear as 'New Member' - this is normal!

  • If a member makes a change to their attendance habits, their risk level may rise from 'average' to 'high' for example. If they maintain their new attendance pattern, their risk level will be lowered once the system gets used to this member's new 'normal'.

  • Even if you notice a change in this member's attendance yourself in the week for example, this member may be coming in to the gym later in the evening or at weekends perhaps; if the member still comes into the gym the same approximate number of times, their risk level may not change.


For an explanation of the various risk levels, see the 'risk level' topic in the product manual here