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POS Sales


POS Sales is the place to come when you need to sell anything in-club; merchandise, drinks, snacks etc., in fact any transactions involving immediate cash or card payment.

Selling any items in-club first requires a member profile to assign the sale to - they can be a member of the club, a guest member from another club, or even a member of the public, but in all cases, a member profile must be chosen before any items can be added to the sales 'basket'.

In situations where no profile is available (a guest/visitor for example), clubs should assign the sale to an anonymous user profile instead.*

The general procedure for making POS sales follows three simple steps:

  1. Select a member profile - start typing characters from their name to see a list of matching members. You can switch between different members if you need to - each member has a separate basket, and any items you add to a member's basket will be remembered until you either 1) empty that member's basket, 2) Checkout and complete the sale for that member, or 3) log yourself out of the system.

  2. Add products as required - if you want to sell several of the same item, simply click on the product name multiple times. Alternatively, items already in the sales basket for this member can be edited by clicking on the relevant icon next to each item - the first icon will edit the item, the second will delete it from the sales basket:


    If you click on the edit icon, additional fields will open where you can edit the quantity, the unit price, or apply a discount.

  3. Checkout to proceed to the payment screen.

*If the club hasn't done so already, it is recommended to create one or more profiles specifically for these situations.


Any attempts to make POS sales whilst the Cash Register is closed will fail - ensure the Cash Register is open before you begin!


You MUST have a member profile selected (area 1 on the screenshot) in order to add items to basket