Manual - Japan

Booking Types


Booking Types define templates for all the different types of bookings at your gym, but they are not just restricted to group classes such as yoga or spin; they can be any type of event requiring a member of staff. This might include inductions, routine gym duties, performance reviews and more. So use bookings for any periodic activity at all, and then choose which of them you would like to share with your members.

If you do choose to make a booking public, your members will be free to sign up to it online, but if you keep it private they cannot. In this way, you can use private bookings for staff-only tasks such as duties and rotas, but also for private classes and functions (where participants can only be added in-gym by a staff member)

Lastly, you are free to set a different charge for both booking-inclusive and booking-exclusive members. For example, you may have a membership package that includes free access to, or a discount on bookings. These members might get access to the booking at a reduced rate or even for free, whereas members on a package that excluded bookings may have to pay 5 credit units for example (booking-exclusive members are free to view and join bookings, but they pay a higher rate)


As described above, Bookings-Inclusive memberships might mean that your members get a discount on bookings - it does NOT necessarily mean free - you choose the different booking charges!