Manual - Japan

Member Pathways


Pathways help to keep your members engaged by sending them personalised messages at pre-set intervals. You predefine the intervals and the content, and then the system will automatically send the mails whenever a new member signs-up.

These mails are a great way to stay in touch with your members and increase retention - you might choose to mail them a few days after joining to see how they're settling in, then again after a week or two to promote your classes or a 'bring a friend' day etc. Likewise, for members on a six-month package, you might choose to send them a renewal reminder or a membership offer after five months etc.

Unlike Mass Emails (which are sent as a one-off mail to existing members only), Pathway emails define a series of messages that get sent to all new members who join your club. So in essence, Mass Emails are mainly a marketing tool, whereas Pathway emails are a way of making new members feel more valued and engaged.

The pathways summary screen shows a list of the pathway emails you have already defined. You can clearly see the delay that is defined before each one gets sent, the subject line and the status - the green dot indicates that the mail is active, and will be sent as per your preferences, and a yellow/amber dot indicates that the mail is inactive or disabled. You can click this status disc at any time to toggle between the two.

From this screen you can also choose to edit an existing pathway mail, or delete it entirely, using the drop-down menu on the cog icon. And of course, you can define a new pathway using the Add Pathway function below: