Manual - Japan

Fitness Feed Tab


The Fitness Feed is a really useful window onto the frequency and nature of the exercises that a member has performed. It is a powerful tool for trainers that allows them to see all training (i.e. workouts) this member has logged using the Membr app. Not only that, the trainer can apply social media-style 'likes' to specific workouts, and add comments/trade messages with the member too.

The timeline gives an overview of logged training sessions and the duration for each. To view the specific details of a particular workout, click on the View workout text on each one...


View workout

You can view the complete contents of a workout here; it might consist of dozens of individual exercises, or just a handful. For each step of the workout, there will be a visual representation of the exercise, along with any specific parameters for each one - these vary per exercise and might consist of weights, reps, sets etc.

A trainer can choose to 'like' this workout by clicking on the thumbs-up icon at the upper right.

To add comments to the workout, you can either click on the speech bubble again at the top right, or scroll to the bottom of window and use the text input area above the conversation summary (which is where the speech bubble icon would jump you to).