Manual - Japan

Risk Status & Activity Status


The upper part of the left-hand panel contains the member's name, photo and membership number. Immediately below these are the status indicators for Risk and Activity.

  1. Risk Status: this has nothing to do with a member's physical health, it refers to how 'at risk' this member is in terms of maintaining their membership (based on their gym attendance):


    See New Member below.

    New Member

    Given to new members whilst their attendance pattern is being assessed. This takes approximately 5 weeks to build.

    High Risk

    Applied to members with no discernible attendance pattern, or for those members who change their patterns significantly, and are therefore at a higher risk of leaving or cancelling their membership.

    Average Risk

    Members who use the gym fairly frequently, but who have no strong, regular pattern of attendance.

    Low Risk

    Members who use the gym frequently, have a fairly regular pattern of attendance, and are at fairly low risk of leaving.

  2. Activity Status: an Awake member is an active member who has visited the gym recently, and at least once (or possibly more) within the time period defined by the gym (typically 30-60 days). A member who is Asleep is also an active member (ie with a current, paid membership), but one who has not visited the gym in that same period.


If you need to make changes to the user's contact details or assigned trainer etc., you will need to press Edit Profile, but note that some common changes can be made directly for convenience. There are specific buttons to make these changes; they are Change PhotoReset/Change PasswordUpdate Keyfob and Edit (Credit Balance).


The risk and activity status swatches ('High Risk' and 'Awake' in the image) are indicators only, and cannot be pressed!