Manual - Japan

Cash Register


The Cash Register is a computerized version of a traditional cash register; it has a virtual drawer that can be opened and closed, and it will keep track of a cash float (ie the cash contents of the drawer).

When the cash register is open, transactions can be carried out at the club (cash or card), and they will all be recorded on the sales journal, also shown on this cash register screen.


The cash register screen is designed for the administration of the cash register and its contents, not for performing sales transactions. Sales should be carried out using the separate POS Sales option, also in the POS menu.


The cash register system keeps track of the cash float in the drawer; only cash sales will affect this figure - card sales are also recorded on the journal screen, but have no effect on the Register total.


When the cash register is closed, no in-club transactions (cash or card) can be performed. If you try to purchase items or make any sales through the POS system (even directly from a member's profile), a warning will be shown and the sale cannot be performed (until you open the drawer again)


You are advised to open the virtual cash register when you start in the morning and to leave it open for the duration of the working day. At the end of the day you should reconcile the register total with the actual cash you have, and make any adjustments to the journal before closing the register.