Manual - Japan

Manage Add Ons


Add ons, together with Session Packs, form the Bolt Ons that members can buy to supplement their membership package. An add on can be anything that the gym wishes to sell to a member as an 'extra' - examples include clean towels every session, or unlimited access to purified water and so on.

Gyms are free to define as many Add ons as they wish; each one just needs a unique name to identify it.

All Bolt Ons (ie session packs and add-ons) are purchased through the Bolt Ons tab accessed in the member profile.


The drop-down menu next to each Add on allows the Add on to be edited or hidden. Choosing Hide will prevent the Add on from being offered for purchase, but will not delete it - the Add on is archived in the Hidden tab, also shown on this screen, next to the Active tab.

The Edit function however, is not yet operational.