Manual - Japan

Manage Discounts


Discounts are a really handy way to define and store price reduction 'objects' that you can then apply to one or more membership packages (or add-ons) to promote them. They work by lowering the price of what they are applied to, by either a percentage amount or a fixed amount that you specify when you create the discount.

Discounts can only be applied to objects that require an ongoing payment, not for free or PIF objects. Discounts are also valid for a fixed time period only, and when the promotional period ends, the discount has no effect. A package with an attached but 'out of promotional period' discount object will revert to its usual selling price.

In this way, your packages or add-ons can all remain at their usual selling prices, and need no further adjustment for promotions; you just apply a separate discount 'object' in order to temporarily lower their price.

However, this promotional period is NOT contained in the discount object itself; you define a new period every time you attach the discount object to a package. In this way, you can have the same single discount object and apply it to multiple packages for multiple different promotional periods.

The Manage Discounts screen shows a summary of all the discounts available at your club, either current (Visible), or archived (Hidden).

To create a new discount object, simply click on the Create a Discount button on this screen, or the separate Add New Discount entry in the Sales menu to the left (both of which go to the same screen)...


The Manage Discounts screen shows all of the Discount types you have defined, not the packages or add-ons that they are applied to.