Manual - Japan



When someone joins your gym, they need to sign up to a particular membership Package: packages can be chargeable or free, include or exclude discounts on Bookings, expire after a fixed time and lots more besides. You'll get a better understanding of all the options in the section on Create a New Package below.

There are four visibility categories for packages; ActiveReferralHidden and Archived:

  • Active - Active, aka Public packages are 'live' and visible to all prospects

  • Referral - Referral packages are also live, but visible only to prospects who have been referred by an existing member (via a special referral code)

  • Hidden - Hidden, aka Private packages are live too, but visible only to prospects who have received a promotional code, possibly via an email or advertising campaign.

  • Archived - Archived packages are ones that are no longer offered by your gym and should not be visible to anyone but you. They are stored purely for historical reference.

You can view each of the selected package types using the tabs at the top to the listing.