Manual - Japan

Prospect Tasks & Visits


As mentioned above, when you select Prospects from the Sales menu, you are taken to the prospect calendar. From here you can click on a day/time slot on the calendar and create an event/reminder for either a prospect visit, or a prospect-related task.

Providing the prospect has already been entered into the system, simply click on your chosen time slot to create an event (you will be given a chance to adjust either the date or time of the appointment, so you don't need to be ultra-precise, or to advance to the correct day if you don't want to).

When you click on a time slot, you are given the choice of either creating a task, or a visit. Choose the most appropriate type in order to advance to the details step, next...


...where you are given the chance to change the date or time and duration, and then select the prospect in question from the list of defined prospects.Both appointment types have room for a description and will create a corresponding entry on the prospect calendar.