Manual - Japan



The  Membr  platform automatically issues a wide variety of email messages (~40) in response to system 'events', such as to welcome a new member, remind a member of an upcoming booking and many more situations besides. These are system emails  that are embedded in the system - some get sent to members, some get sent to gym staff, but they cannot be turned off or deleted (hence the padlock symbol), but can be edited if required (usually by gym admins).

For example, you might wish to make changes to emails that are sent when bookings are made or cancelled etc; just enter 'booking' in the search box to see the relevant mails.

In addition to editing any of the existing mails, the global email design template (logo, header, footer etc) can be edited too (but this is already setup for your brand and will include your logo if supplied and GDPR-compliant terms and conditions).


Note that the mails contained here always trigger in response to the named event, so a  Membership Expired  mail will always get sent whenever a membership expires, regardless of what you edit the content to say.