Manual - Japan

In-club Sign-up


To add a new member, select Members->Add a new member, and you will be greeted with a page like that shown above. This is almost the same as the on-line sign-up form, except it potentially shows more packages (all packages, both in-club-only and on-line) and offers the filter box (shown in a red box) to enable different types of package to be located more quickly.

Just as with the online sign-up, you now need to enter a variety of personal details:


Fields on this page include:

  • Email & Password (used to create a new member account)

  • First Name & Last Name, First Name (Kana) & Last Name (Kana)

  • Date of Birth, Gender, Phone Number

  • Address & Emergency Contact details

  • Marketing opt-in, Terms & Conditions & Notices

Next the membership details are entered:


And finally, the payment details are requested using a dialog similar to this:


If successful, the membership profile is now setup and Active. Add a photo if your club has a camera and assign a keyfob to allow access. Your club may require further steps now; taking a scan of their ID, booking gym induction etc. - please complete these as necessary.