Manual - Japan

Online Sign-up


Online signup is a great convenience feature for staff and for members! Most of the required setup is done from the comfort of the signup's own home - e.g. select a membership package, enter name, address etc. They just need to come into the club to collect their keyfob, verify their identitiy and set up an ongoing payment.

Here are the two steps in more detail:

  1. An online portion where a new member enters their personal details and pays for any: joining fee, keyfob fee, pro-rata membership, and their first full month of membership in advance by credit/debit card (the pro-rata period is the period from the date of joining up until the first full month of membership). This payment is collected online using Stripe . This creates a Pending member profile in the Membr software.

  2. The second part requires the new member to come into the club; here their identity is verified, and their ongoing payment is setup with DDMS. The staff member converts their Pending member profile into an ordinary, Active member profile and assigns a keyfob and takes the member's photo where possible. The sign-up is now a full member!