Manual - APAC

KPI Widget


The KPI widget (KPI = Key Performance Indicator) contains three dials to help monitor performance. Left-to-right the dials indicate Added MembersLost Members and Total Members respectively, and represent performance in these areas for the day, or the month to-date, according to the selector toggle.

The purpose of the KPI widget is to monitor your progress towards targets you set at the beginning of the month (switch to This Month mode to set targets):

  1. Fill out your sales target for this month

  2. Fill out how many members you expect to leave the gym this month.

  3. The system will show you how many members you should have at the end of the month based on your set targets.

The small digits in the circles display expected numbers (your target). The large digits in the circles shows actual numbers so far (sales/loss).

Added Members keeps track of any sold memberships. This could be an entirely new member, a former member that rejoined on a new membership, or a member that transferred from another club to your club. This tracker does NOT count free memberships (e.g. a package without a payment method and without an expiry date). Any cash membership with an expiry date counts as a sale, and will count towards the added members tracker.

Lost Members show how many members have cancelled, expired or transferred away. In the same way as for added members, the figure is shown against a target performance level you can define when in This Month mode.

Total Members displays the combined number of active, suspended and defaulted members as of today, versus the number of active, suspended and defaulted members last month + target sales - target retention. This target cannot be adjusted in Today or This Month modes, and is determined by the target levels already set for Added and Lost members.

You can also click on either of the dial titles (for the first two displays) to display expanded/secondary metrics: