Manual - APAC

System Requirements

Membr is built and tested to work in the following conditions and on the following web browsers. It may work on other browsers and devices that are not listed, however these will not be officially supported.

Internet Requirements

  • 5Mbps down

  • 1.4Mbps up

  • Ideally, the internet should be dedicated to Membr use only.

PC Requirements

  • Operating System: WIndows 7 or above

  • Memory: 4GB or above

  • Hard Drive: 500GB or above

  • Graphics: Integrated, dedicated is not needed

  • CPU: Intel i3 or above/AMD A6 or above

MAC Requirements

  • Installed RAM: 4GB

  • Processor: Intel Core i3 Series

  • Operating System: min OSX 10.8 (Mavericks)

Member Management Product (Staff log in)


  • IOS Version 12 upwards


  • Version 8.0 upwards

Tablet device with a screen size width of at least 10 inches.

Member's Area (Member's Log In)


  • IOS Version 12 upwards


  • Version 8.0 upwards

Mobile or tablet device (no minimum screen width)

Supported Browsers

  • Microsoft Edge - latest version

  • Firefox - latest version

  • Chrome - latest version

  • Safari - latest version

Older versions of browsers may also work, but we cannot guarantee that all features will work as they should, so browsers should always be checked and updated to the latest version.

If you find that you are using an outdated browser, then you can update it using the link here.