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[en] What can the Membr Platform do?


[en] The Membr.com platform is an online, browser-based tool designed for the overall management and day-to-day running of a gym. Some of the most common things you might want to do are linked below:

  • [en] Sign up a new member online

    [en] - Online-Anmeldung

  • [en] Sign up a new member in-club

    [en] - Anmeldung im Club

  • [en] Sign up a new prospect

    [en] - head to the Prospekt hinzufügen function found in the Sales menu.

  • [en] Freeze a membership to stop (or reduce) membership payments

    [en] - use the 'Update' button on the member profile as discussed in Ein Mitglied einfrieren

  • [en] Change a membership so that they use a different package

    [en] - Use the 'Change Package' button on a member profile, discussed in Paket ändern