Manual - EU

Searching admissions


Just under the Reception screen's title, you will see a search bar saying Search today's events. You can search for a particular member coming into the gym (or range of members) by entering your search text in the box. As you type, the list of entries that match your criteria will update.

For example, the member 'Michael Pieterson' could be found by typing a fragment of either his forename or surname as shown above. In this case, the letters 'Pie' were entered, but he could just as easily be found by typing 'ersen' or 'cha'.

The search list will show any other members that happen to match the text you enter; the more letters you type, the shorter the list of matches will become.


Note that 1) the search is case sensitive, so 'Pie' returns different results to 'pie', and 2) any date filter/range already in effect (described in Viewing admissions for other dates) is used as the basis for the range of data to search.