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Report Builder


The Report Builder tool is a relatively new addition to the Membr platform that allows a number of specific reports to be performed on the club's data. Some of the different report types are listed below:

Table 3. Report Types

Report Name

Report Description


This is a KPI report, similar to the KPI display built into the Membr software to show the total movement of members leaving or signing up to the club. However this version is grouped by membership package.


This summarises the requested and actual cancellations for a given period, so that the total reduction in members can be seen.

Member/Daily Signups

Literally the number of members that have signed up for a membership at the gym, and on which day. The report includes package, sign-up type, staff member and more.

Member/Freeze Requests

Shows the number of members with a requested freeze period, the package they are on and more. Principally to reconcile the requested freeze paperwork against what has been entered into the platform.

Member/Demographic Stats

Shows how many males and females there are at a club and a percentage of each. This is further broken down by region, sign up method and more.

Member/Cancellations Actioned

Shows a complete listing of those members who have had a cancellation actioned, broken down by package.

Member/Cancellations Requested

Similar to the above, except this report shows those members who have requested a cancellation.

Transaction/Failed Transactions

This summarises all those members with a failed payment from the 27th of the previous month.

Transaction/Club Expenses

Shows all club expenses per category for a given time range.

Transaction/Accumulative Discrepancy

Shows any cumulative cash register discrepancy between two dates.