Manual - EU

Add Prospect


Adding a prospect is very straightforward; choose the type of prospect you want to create, populate the few details required, confirm the T&Cs checkbox and then click either of the Add buttons to complete the process!

There are two types of prospect to use, depending on how interested the potential member is:

Prospect - An 'ordinary' prospect is someone who has shown a casual interest in the gym. These types should contacted again or followed-up somehow to nurture their interest and encourage them.

X Day Pass - This type is for people with a more serious interest in the gym; they are issued with a temporary keyfob for access, and can try out your facility to get a better foretastes of membership. Choosing X Day Pass will expand the form to include the extra fields for Keyfob and Access Expiry; the access period can be set to any period up to 30 days.

Prospects can come from different sources in the Membr platform:

  • A web drop-off will be turned into a prospect automatically after the period of time you define. See Web Drop-Offs.

  • By manually adding them using this form.


Clicking Add prospect will add the prospect and keep you on the Sales Dashboard ready to add further prospects.


Clicking Add and go to prospect will add the prospect, and then take you directly to the prospect's profile to perform further edits.