Manual - EU

Web Drop Offs


web drop-off is someone who started the on-line sign-up process, but who didn't get as far as entering their payment details for whatever reason. This would mean they selected a package and entered some personal details, but got no further.

Such people are classed as a web drop-off and remain in that state for a short period; they are treated separately to a prospect, but will shortly and automatically be converted into one according to the values you set in the Additional Settings area.

You can define how long elapses before an incomplete application is classed as a web drop-off, how long before they receive an email reminder to continue sign-up, and how long before they are turned into a regular prospect. The delay between a web drop-off turning into a prospect is to allow them sufficient time to complete the on-line sign-up process, and to reduce the time you spend following sales leads.

In addition, once a web drop-off is converted into a prospect, they get a member profile created for them with the status of Pending. You can conveniently continue sign-up for this pending member from this new profile.


From the web drop-off list, you can choose to view the details that the drop-off supplied on-line, delete the drop-off completely, or turn them into an ordinary prospect.