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The Training option is one of the most useful and powerful areas in the platform; our vast library of video-based exercises clearly show or remind members how to perform specific exercises, reducing the workload on any PTs you have, and improving fitness standards throughout the gym.


Complete training plans (and even programmes of plans) can be built from this diverse exercise library, allowing trainers to deliver gym-wide and personalised training plans that will enable your members to work towards their goals.

Plans can be designed for exercisers to perform specifically in the gym, or marked as suitable for performing at home too; extremely useful for keeping members engaged wherever they are (or during temporary gym closures!).

The first three tabs make up the various levels of the training system, largest first:

  • Programmes - A programme is a collection of workouts designed to last several weeks

  • Workouts - A workout is a collection of exercises designed to be performed in a single session

  • Exercises - These are the smallest unit in the training system - a single exercise, usually accompanied by a video showing how to perform it.

On Demand - the last tab is devoted to the On Demand system which is designed to deliver video-based training to exercisers away from the gym facility, i.e. at home.


Where enabled, the 'On Demand' feature also enables members to access a range of workout videos as recommended by their club, directly on their mobile device; any videos of your choosing can be delivered on-demand, and the videos might have been created at the club, or sourced from Youtube, etc. (but always ensure you aren't using copyrighted material!)

Each trainer on the platform has a group of members allocated to them through the software; the members can request plans from their trainer (via the Membr app), or the trainer can choose to recommend/send plans to one or more of their assigned members as necessary. Members can also download any of the general plans available at the club, allowing them to choose whichever one best fits their mood or goals at the time.

Whenever a member completes/logs a particular training plan, their trainer will be notified, and that trainer can also view details of the specific workout and read any comment/message left for them by the member in question.

In order to send training plans to their allocated members, each trainer can maintain a series of plans that are unique to them (My Plans); the plans can be copied from gym-wide training plans (Gym training) into the My Plans area and further modified, or created from scratch entirely.


Many of the Training features can now be accessed directly from a member's profile for convenience too! See Coaching Tab


As with many aspects of the Membr platform, the ability to see specific features, or perform specific actions, depends on the type of logged-in user - just get in touch with us if you'd like to make changes to feature accessibility!