Manual - EU

On-Demand Tab


On-Demand is a powerful system designed to deliver prerecorded video workouts to members (in territories that use the Membr mobile app).


It enables members to access a range of workout videos as recommended by their club, directly on their mobile device; any videos of your choosing can be delivered on-demand, and the videos might have been created at the club, or sourced from Youtube, etc. This enables gyms to continue to deliver value to their members, and offer training at any time day or night, even when they are closed!

You can add new videos with the Add New button.

For videos already in the list, there is a small cog menu to the right of each one:


View or Edit both lead you to a preview of the video; of course Edit will also let you make changes:


Remove will permanently delete the video, whereas Remove Visibility will prevent members from seeing the video, but keep it in the gym's list.