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My Workouts Tab


My Workouts is a similar concept to My Documents on a PC; it is a collection of documents (workouts) that are unique to the logged-in user. So these are workouts that belong only to you, and can only be viewed or changed by you - not even other members of staff. The workouts might have been created entirely by you, or based on copies of existing workouts taken from the Manage Gym Workouts Tab.

To the right of every workout, there is a small cog menu showing the options available:


View gives a concise summary of each exercise and its parameters, Edit is effectively the same as Create A New Workout except of course all the workout details and exercises are already entered, Remove permanently deletes the workout, and Send to Members is also the same as Create A New Workout, except you jump in at step 3.


Workouts in the My Workouts tab can NOT be viewed or downloaded by any gym members unless you specifically send it to them.


All workouts listed in the My Workouts tab are totally separate and distinct from the workouts listed in the Gym Workouts area, even if they share the same names (to avoid confusion you should try to keep the names different for each type of workout)

Create A New Workout

A Workout is an ordered group of exercises taken from the large exercise library built into the software (there are several hundred exercises but you can easily add more if required!)

Designing a new workout involves providing some basic workout details, and then choosing any number of appropriate exercises from the exercise library, along with any relevant information - sets, reps, weight, etc.

  1. screencapture-admin-membr-admin-training-plans-create.png

    In Step 1, the basic workout details are entered. The first two items are the workout name, and the type of goal the workout is designed to help users achieve (this coincides with the four basic goal types that members can define in the mobile app - Get Fit, Get Healthy, Get Slim or Get Strong). Other fields define the suitability of the workout for youths, adults or older adults, and gender. There is also space to add notes to help or advise exercisers about the workout.

  2. AddWorkout_2.jpg

    The next screen allows you to add individual exercises that you want to include in your workout; the full list of available exercises is listed down the left-hand side of the screen, and you simply click on them to add them to your plan.

    To help you locate specific exercises, you can use the search box above the exercise list to search for a fragment of the exercise name. Alternatively, you can use any of the three filter types separately or in combination to narrow down the list. To activate a filter, click on it and choose from the available types - you can pick several at once, e.g. arms and shoulders (to close the filter list, click the filter name again):


    You can combine filters too, so you might choose arms as the body part, and cable machine as the equipment for example.

    Once you select an exercise, you are given a video preview of the exercise being performed to act as a visual confirmation. This video can also be seen by exercisers, and serves as a great reminder of how to perform the exercise correctly! If it is the exercise you intended, you can add any number of sets, reps, duration, etc. as appropriate:


    Keep adding exercises until the workout is fully defined. Note that if you move your cursor over an exercise that has been added to the workout list, small arrows appear to the left side of the exercise. You can drag any exercises to reorder them (click and hold on the small squares), push them up or down by a single slot (the single arrows), or push them straight to the start or end of the workout (the top and bottom arrows):


    Click Save to finish creating (or editing) the workout and return to the workouts list. The workout is technically complete now, but depending on the type of workout you are creating (e.g. My Workouts), there may also be a button labeled Save and Next - this is to allow the workout you just created to be sent directly to a member or members. If you select this option, there will also be a step 3 and 4, below:

  3. sendtomembers.jpg

    In the Select Members step, you are given a list of all members assigned to the logged-in member of staff. To send the current plan to any of these members, enable the toggle to the left of their names and click Next when you are done (or use the 'send to all members' button at the bottom of the screen).

  4. confirmation.jpg

    In the final step, you are given a reminder of the plan name and the list of members you want to send it to - click tabs 1,2 or 3 at the top of the window in order to make changes to earlier steps, such as the plan itself or the recipient choice. When you are satisfied click Send and the process is complete!