Manual - EU

In-Club Signup


In-club sign-ups now follow a very similar process to the new online sign-up system - if you go to the Members menu and select Add a new member, you can create a new member using any of the packages available at the club.

The basic sign-up screen offers filters to allow selection of in-club-only packages, PIF packages (where enabled), packages with an ongoing charge and no joining fee, etc - you should be able to quickly find the package type you need:


Once a package is chosen, some personal details need to be entered:


This is followed by the membership setup step - here you can review the overall membership charges and select start day and payment day:


Note that some of these fields can be adjusted (such as Pro Rata). Fields that can be edited by a member of staff are shown with an outline:


Once these are entered, a membership agreement is presented along with a digital signature box. This allows for the upload of personal ID:


The final step is to add payment details for any ongoing payments. This screen may look slightly different for different payment providers or territories:


The membership profile has now been completed and the member is active. However, depending on your gym's policy and the nature of the final, membership step above, you may need to:

  1. Collect any one-off fees in club - see Collecting One-off Payments from a New Sign-up

  2. Issue a new keyfob - see Issuing a Keyfob to New Sign-up

  3. Add a profile photo - see Change Photo