Manual - EU

Online Signup


All clubs using the online sign-up feature get their own, unique, sign-up page (their unique URL is shown on the Basic Settings tab in the Setup menu.) When a potential joiner visits the club's online sign-up page, they see all of the packages available for on-line joining at that club.


When packages are created in the Membr software, they are made available for in-club signup only by default. There is a checkbox to enable them for on-line sign-ups too, and so only those packages that have this setting enabled will be visible on-line. See Add new package

At the bottom of the sign-up page, there are options to enter a Promo code or a Referral code. Pressing either of these opens a box that allows the user to enter that type of code if they have one:


If a valid code is entered, more packages will become available to choose from, potentially giving the joiner access to other packages with special offers, discounts, different contract lengths etc. (These are only offered at the discretion of the club).

Once a package has been selected, it's time to enter some personal details:


Fields on this page include:

  • Email & Password (to create a membership account)

  • Name, Address, Date of Birth, Gender, Phone Number

  • Marketing source and marketing opt-in

  • Terms and Conditions and any other club-defined agreements or documentation, eg CEF

After all their personal details have been entered, they can set up their membership (start date, payment date where a choice is offered) and review the amount payable today:


The final step is to enter their bank details in order to set up their ongoing payment; key-fob, pro-rata or other one-off charges are added to the first ongoing payment, but subsequent ongoing payments revert to the normal level. Clubs can take immediate payment for the one-off charges via POS when the member comes into the club (explained next).

Subject to additional steps according to territory/configuration (e.g. SEPA etc), sign-up is complete!


In the next section, we'll take a look at how a new-sign up looks in the Membr software, and how to 'finish' a membership in-club...