Manual - EU

Collecting One-off Payments from a New Sign-up


A new joiner's Payments tab will look something like the screenshot; their subscription has been setup correctly and is shown in green, and they have a scheduled payment (shown in grey) to collect their normal membership amount PLUS any one-off fees.

Any of the one-off charges in the scheduled payment can be collected in POS immediately by clicking on the payment to view its details:


Just click the Pay via POS button to remove the adjacent charge from the ongoing payment, and add it to this user's POS shopping basket instead. A single pro-rata charge is shown in the example, but you may see separate rows for other additional charges, such as joining fee or keyfob etc - click on these in the same way to add them to the shopping basket too.

Every time you click Pay via POS, the shopping basket will open for convenience. Simply hit Checkout and take payment in the normal way.:



If there are more charges to add from the scheduled payment, just click anywhere outside the Basket screen to go back to the Payments tab. Any items added to the shopping basket will remain there until you empty the basket, so you can add further charges from the scheduled payment, or even add ordinary POS items such as drinks or snacks, etc if you wish.


Items on a scheduled payment that you successfully Pay via POS will be removed from the scheduled transaction. However, if you empty the basket, or otherwise fail to collect payment for the items, they will remain scheduled for collection via direct debit.