Manual - EU

When an Online Sign-up Comes Into The Club


Once a member has signed-up online, there are several important steps that need to be performed to complete their membership when they first come into the club.

The exact nature of these tasks will vary according to the territory, legislation, head-office, gym, etc., but you will probably want to:

  1. Welcome the new member and explain the benefits of membership. Give them/book a tour!

  2. Collect any payment required now through POS (e.g. keyfob, pro-rata) and deduct from their first scheduled payment.

  3. Issue a keyfob for gym access

  4. If your organisation requires completed PAR-Q forms, or to arrange inductions, then sort them out now, or explain how the member can complete/book these via their new login to the Member's area.

  5. Complete any other paperwork required by your organisation (print/sign/scan the membership agreement, scan proof of ID etc.)

  6. Add a photo to their profile

Before you can do anything though, you will need to locate their new member profile in the software. If the sign-up was very recent, it might be near the top of the View All Members list available from the Members menu (shown in the screenshot at the top of the page). You could also use the various filters on this page to track the member down.

Alternatively, you can use the search bar at the top centre of the screen. You can enter a fragment of their name, email address, actual address etc. to find them even more quickly. For example, imagine a new sign up with the name 'Michael McMouse' came into the club - we could just type 'mouse' to get a short list of matches:


Just click on the member that matches to view their profile:


You can see that the member's profile is marked as a New member with the status of Active. Now you should perform the steps from the checklist above (where applicable). We'll cover two of the most important ones; collecting payment and issuing a keyfob next!