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The reception screen is a great tool to help validate or identify, engage with, and keep track of members who have visited the gym today; it shows a complete listing of all members who have visited for the current day, and is reset each day.

As members enter the gym (usually electronically, but they can be manually admitted on this screen too), a record for that member's access will be logged on the reception screen, and this can include a photo of the member, age, package, last access, risk status and more besides, along with a shortcut to their full profile for even more information.

Access Systems

We partner with Nortech and Nomical to offer a variety of access solutions, including gates, doorlocks, fingerprint readers, PIN pads, scanners and more.

Depending on the type of access system, members may need to be assigned a PIN, or to capture their fingerprint(s) etc. when they first sign-up.

For QR code systems, members need to download our accompanying app - in addition to generating a unique QR code when they require gym access, the app enables members to make bookings, follow training plans, and much more besides.