How can Membr software help you to use your data?
21 Nov
How can Membr help you to make the most out of your data?

The biggest challenge faced by many gyms today is finding a way to maximise results in the two main areas of health club management: Sales and Retention! So how can Membr’s software help you to make the most out of your data so you can reach for...

Online gym management software encourages clients to move more
21 Aug
Online gym management software can encourage clients to move more

It’s official – there’s nothing like a bit of friendly rivalry. Research has proven that competition is the best source of motivation when it comes to exercising more. Bearing this in mind, how can online gym management software help personal trainers and gym managers to...

21 Jun
The best gym management software can drive digital native clients

I think we could guess that about 90% of the people in our life are addicted to their phones. Luckily, there are plenty of mobile apps on offer that support healthy eating, sleeping, thinking and exercise. So gym owners, listen up now, your choice of...

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18 Mar
Our Top 5 Tips to Delivering a Service Plan with Limited Staff:
Over the last few years, as normal, the UK has followed the US and we have seen a huge increase in the number of low-cost clubs. The issue we are now facing is the level of competition and the consumer’s expectations of the price of a gym membership. We are past the days of being able to open gyms at sub £20 per month and just let the members join. If the location is in an area densely populated enough to support 3000 plus members then you are likely to have competition on your doorstep from another low-cost provider. So often we focus our time and energy on signing up new members and end up failing to support the clients that are falling out the other end. The next 5 points will not change your business overnight, but will hopefully make you think about what small changes you could make channelling some energy on your existing members, not just signing up new ones:
Fitness Apps
19 Feb
Fitness Apps – The Future of Training?
The previous blog saw us discussing online personal training – this week, we’re sticking to the ‘online’ theme as we look at fitness apps. The virtual world is growing and growing, and with all of the fitness apps, YouTube exercise videos and online PT’s out there, it looks like our gym facilities could quickly run out of fashion! Of course, many people will always prefer to stick to the more traditional method of heading out to their local gym to train. However, with so many alternative methods now out there, surely our gyms are going to have to offer something extra special and unique to retain members – otherwise we could be losing them to the virtual world of fitness apps! One side of the argument is that there's no reason to set foot in a gym thanks to hundreds of new fitness apps and online workouts. Personally, i’ll always prefer going to a gym to train – it’s a way of escaping the house and switching off from life’s demands. A gym can provide the facilities and equipment needed to get an effective training session done. If guidance is needed, there are fitness professionals around to help and most gyms have programs to follow if requested. However, for some, financial worries and having the time to travel to a gym, or having to look after children may be a barrier. In such cases, it may be that a following the guidance of a fitness app is a good alternative to still being able to train effectively.
Increase Gym Memberships
22 Jan
Are you optimising social media at your Gym?

In the previous blog I mentioned the power of ‘Inbound Marketing’ opposed to ‘Outbound Marketing’, and a great inbound marketing strategy would be to utilise social media. However, it’s not quite as simple as just posting the information you want to share whenever you like....

22 Sep
Budget Gyms vs Micro Gyms – is there a hybrid?

Over the last 5 years we have seen the exponential growth of low-cost budget gyms across the UK offering no-frills gym memberships for as little as £9.99 per month, with some of the market-leading clubs having more than 12,000 members. There is no doubt that...

18 Sep
Turning your gym membership base into a marketing machine…

So most marketers will tell you that referrals are the best source of new business, with most B2C sales models showing that they have the highest conversion rate with the lowest cost per sale. So sales should be simple…. Build a good product and let...