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Brand Loyalty with On Demand


It’s crazy to think that my business is now online and not in the gym. Being able to offer an online service in a time of crisis has been a game-changer.

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of lost bookings due to COVID-19


In March 2020, the UK went into a lockdown that forced gyms across the nation to close their doors to members indefinitely. In an instant, gym-goers lost their access to familiar routines and fitness professionals faced the unprecedented challenge of finding a way to allow their members to continue their exercise habits.

A wave of worry washed over the UK’s fitness industry: how do we keep members engaged to continue to exercise with us, so that they don’t cancel their membership? 


All of a sudden we’ve opened up to a whole new demographic in our location.


We created a powerful digital platform that gave gym members ‘On Demand’ access to branded fitness content that was provided by their gym, and was available on any mobile device, at the convenience of their own timetable. On Demand allowed gyms to stay connected with their members and keep the PT & exerciser relationship intact.

UK gyms needed a way to promote themselves whilst keeping their members engaged, but how do you nourish brand loyalty to your gym when it’s currently not operational? Through continuous digital engagement.

Driving brand loyalty through a more connected fitness experience.

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Engagement retained

Nearly 89% users continued in-app engagement after watching On Demand content

On Demand can boost engagement and, when combined with a branded fitness app, can preserve brand loyalty long after exercisers have left the gym floor.

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