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Contactless Entry with QR Code


We have been debating contactless entry for some time now, and decided with the outbreak of COVID19 to take the leap. It has been a groundbreaking change for us and it is a far more hygienic and secure system than pin codes. We cannot thank Membr enough for how helpful and thorough they have been in the changeover.

Is your gym COVID-19 safe?

Contactless QR entries on 2nd December

Up from an average 26,866 per day in October

With the global pandemic bringing the importance of contactless where possible, added safety measurements requirements to make members feel safe while moving in, around and out of the building became a huge importance to gyms for reopening in July 2020 and continued confidence that members visited gyms.

Utilising your branded mobile app or our free Membr app, members are able to download and login using their membership account details and access your club via the unique QR code on the mobile.

Working with our partners, Omega, who provide an updated access control, either alongside your existing pin pad or replacing your pin lane.

Members will need to have devices which support iOS for 10.0 Apple and Android 6.0 or above to access.

Making the switch to contactless entry via QR scanning was something we had been looking into for some time. Combined with the anti pass-back it virtually eliminates access sharing. It’s user friendly, more hygienic and it also has the benefit of showing that as a business we’re actively focusing on customer care and experience. Membr have done a great job integrating this feature into the app and I’m impressed with their continued dedication to evolving and improving the products and services they provide. Great communications, always helpful and go over and above with their support.


QR code entries

Data from September and October from our UK gyms using QR code technology

Membr have once tagain excelled themselves and offered an amazing QR Code option to an already fantastic product. My members can now gain access to the gym via our new QR Code contactless entry system. Due to the Covid pandemic we wanted to provide members with less touch points so we decided to make this change from a PIN code to QR code. Members have welcomed the new change and new technology, some saying they feel more confident coming into the gym.

Get your gym contactless

Offering your fitness club members a COVID-19 safe experience all the way in 2021, starting with a contactless entry to your gym floor.