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We empower your exercisers to achieve their fitness goals by creating meaningful engagements using our fitness focused gym management software.

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Experience High Gym Churn?

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Disconnected from your members?

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Can’t keep up with the latest fitness tech?

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Bogged down
in admin?

Gyms churn 100% of their membership.

With automated pathways and intuitive booking
system, you’ll encourage gym visits and build
strong relationships with your exercisers.

Only 4% of
gym users have
regular support
from a trainer.

Design deeper, meaningful relationships with your members as you guide them throughout a bespoke fitness journey and help them reach their goals while generating revenue.

Over half of gym managers spend
more time running the gym than in it?

Keep on top of management with our digital solutions – reclaim
time for what matters to you and your business!

Millennials use fitness apps more than any other age group.

Success nowadays depends on driving the
conversations on multiple channels while
staying on top of management.

2000+ of the world’s most successful gyms, big and small, trust Membr

Powering gyms in 20+ countries

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