How to Increase Your Digital Profile As a Personal Trainer

According to The 2018 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report, there are more than 7000 gyms in the UK with some 10 million members. In today’s digital age, if you want to stand out as a personal trainer, and gain a fanbase of people eager to follow your orders, you need to be prepared to display a like-able portfolio of your work – and may I add, personality! 

Social media is the best place to do that and there are 3 simple steps to execute a successful social strategy!


The first thing you need to do is consider what social media channels you’ll be using. It’s important to add contact details in each profile and have the same tone of voice without necessarily replicating the same content everywhere.

You should have a certain amount of posts scheduled ahead of time, but still leave room for spontaneity and random updates.


The next step is to pick your style. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Do It Yourself

You may choose to create a feed of helpful videos where you offer explanation how to do a set of exercises and even create a programme, inviting users to participate in the challenge by using a specific hashtag.

Kelsey Wells (@kelseywells) makes working out so easy and approachable, it’s hard not to follow her!

  • Inspirational 

With the help of motivational quotes and posts, you may instead focus on the concept of mindfulness and redirect people’s attention from the busy daily lifestyle to what’s really important in life. The present moment.

Jeanette Jenkins (@msjeanettejenkins), also known as The Hollywood Trainer, combines exercise videos with motivational photos and slogans for a greater impact!

  • Back to basics 

If you’re passionate about nutrition and know how to prep the most important meal of the day – breakfast – in an artistic way, then you should definitely consider filling your feed with healthy food tips.

Take a look at Joe Wick’s (@thebodycoach) posts and how masterfully he jumps back and forth between nutrition and fitness, even with a baby strapped to him!

Regardless of their distinctive styles, what the three people above share in common is the desire to communicate their healthy outlook on life and start an active discussion. Not only do they ask questions, such as ‘What’s your favourite routine?’ or ‘When’s the best time for a run?’, but they make sure to check up on the answers, so as to create content that keeps their audience engaged.

There are, of course, other ways to plan your social media presence, but whatever direction you opt for, try to preserve a distinctive brand throughout the process.


The key to building a successful social media presence is to remain persistent and post as much as possible. But don’t forget: quality over quantity earns the loyalty.

Finally, don’t be afraid to get personal & intimate with your posts. Not every day is meant to be made up of 100% positivity. One is bound to have some bad days. Be honest with your audience. Let them know you, too, can have rough days; that there’s no better fix than a good workout session!