Virtual Reality: 5 VR Workouts to Offer in the Gym

The Virtual Reality equipment is cheaper than ever and VR workouts offer a totally immersive experience that can make you feel like you’re really there – you can be transported to places and do things that just aren’t practical or possible in real life. No wonder VR fitness is such a rapidly-growing trend! 

Part of VR’s appeal, of course, is that you can enjoy it without having to leave your house at all.

But what if you don’t have a VR headset? Or the space at home to move around as freely as you’d like?! 

Many VR-headset owners experience the limitation of having 2 x 2 metres or less in which to play before they start bumping into the furniture!

So in this blog, we are going to look at how you can use your gym floor as the arena for VR activities!

How can I choose my VR fitness offerings?

There are lots of fitness apps and games that can help you make use of all the extra freedom to move. 

Some VR games are actually only suitable for large open spaces.

Others might offer a choice of static mode for small spaces, where you have to sit or stand (like one of your studios), and ‘roomscale’ or ‘freedom’ mode, for use in open spaces.

For example, a boxing app might offer a fixed punchbag mode/static fight mode and also a full-on, free-movement fight in a virtual boxing ring.

Let’s look at the top 5 VR workouts that are bound to get the attention of your gym members! 

1. FitXR (Box, Dance, HIIT)

FitXR uses a variety of settings to deliver three core workout styles; Box, Dance and HIIT. What’s cool is that these can be multiplayer with up to 8 participants in one ‘game’, who can chat and take on challenges together, wherever they may be in the world.

There are actually hundreds of different on-demand workouts that make use of these core types, and each one is designed (and delivered) by a fitness coach who will be there to motivate you through the workout.

Even better, a new workout is delivered daily, every workout is set to heart-pumping tunes from major and indie music labels, with fresh tracks and environments being regularly added.

2. Les Mills Bodycombat (Martial Arts, Box)

This is the Les Mills Bodycombat workout style you’re probably already familiar with, only now it’s set in a variety of cool locations with great soundtracks and included motivational coaching.

There are around 30 different on-demand workouts to choose from in the core product with more available separately.

3. The Climb 2 (Climbing, Strength)

Technically this can be enjoyed in a limited area, and is lower intensity than the previous options, but it still leaves your heart pounding and can get you sweating – especially if you fall!

With The Climb 2, you need to use your arms a lot, and because you need to twist and turn so much a large space could do a much better job than a limited one.

4. Stride (Parkour, Jumping)

Parkour might not instantly be a go-to for many people, but in VR the danger element is removed and the fun is amped up to the max with a variety of solo or multiplayer modes, including timed challenges and endless mode where you never run out of city areas to explore!

This is definitely an activity that can only be played in ‘roomscale’ mode, so it needs lots of space!

5. BeatSaber (Dance)

BeatSaber is advertised as a game, but we included it because it can easily give you one helluva workout without you even noticing – it’s a rhythm game at heart; high-intensity block slicing fun with lightsabers! It has a wide variety of abstract environments and challenges set to banging tunes that is just an absolute blast.

It really comes alive in a large open space where you are can flail your arms around freely, and can tackle some of the ‘360’ modes – in these you need to move around as blocks can come at you from all sides!

Steve Beverley 👋


An avid gamer and VR fan with over 25 years of game industry and graphic design experience, Steve loves all things technical or visual, and is a keen maker too. With a versatile skillset and can-do attitude, he can be relied on to get stuck-in, and to do the job well. In his spare time, and when not 3D printing or tinkering in his man-lab, he can often be found on the UK coast somewhere looking for a chippy!