Using Rewards to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle in Gym Members

We all deserve a little reward from time to time, don’t we? We reward our puppies for sitting on command. We reward our kids for eating their vegetables. Why not reward our members for keeping fit and healthy in our clubs?

Member reward schemes can be a great way to say thank you to your membership base for their continued support.

Using rewards to encourage active, healthy lifestyle will push exercisers to continue visiting the gym and simultaneously differentiate your club from competitors in the local area. So what can do you to incentivise members?


Showcase your independent edge

Everyone knows how competitive the fitness industry is, with gyms all competing for the same membership base in the same local area. Utilising rewards can act as a great differentiator between you and your competitors.
There are a number of different ways gym owners can reward their loyal members. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Offer discounts on membership rates for long standing members.
  • Include complimentary extras with the membership subscription.
  • Introducing a 3rd party rewards programme, giving members discounts on great brands and products.

Think of anything extra that can be offered to members. When they have to decide between one gym or the other, this can be all it takes for them to join you over somewhere else. If you run a smaller gym, it can also be a great way to compete against the bigger clubs in your area.


Offer more than a gym membership

COVID-19 has caused significant changes across the industry, and one of the biggest is the evolution of the fitness experience for members. Taking the gym outside of the 4 walls of the club.

Members now, more than ever, want their membership and fitness experience to continue outside of the gym. Anything you can do as a gym owner to meet the changing needs of member will only enhance your offering. Whatever perks you introduce in your membership offerings, this will lead to increased loyalty to your club, and ultimately better retention of your members.

There are numerous ways gyms can reward their membership base for the loyalty, and many reasons gyms should consider implementing some form of reward scheme. Ultimately it is about providing additional benefits to the people who utilise our facilities and rewarding them for living a healthy, active lifestyle.

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