Membr Partners with Athlete Perks to Support Gyms Reopening

We have partnered with Athlete Perks, the membership website that rewards gym members and fitness enthusiasts for living a healthy, active lifestyle. Athlete Perks offers access to exclusive perks, benefits and discounts on the top health, fitness and lifestyle brands in the UK. ????

The last year has been tough on many businesses, but especially on independent players in the fitness industry. Bringing gym memberships outside the walls of the club and supporting members remotely became the norm.

As we prepare to come out of the third national lockdown, rewards can help gym members transition from exercising at home to returning to the gym floor. Our UK fitness clubs now have the ability to welcome back exercisers with rewards and exclusive discounts available right from their mobile app.

Rewards are the future of engagement if you ask Will & Max Knight, founders of Athlete Perks:

“We’re super excited to have recently partnered with Membr to allow their clients to gain full access to our service and what we offer. Not only do we find that the gyms we work with appreciate the immediate value we add for their members to enjoy, but the new conversations that are initiated as a result have been awesome for increasing engagement with their membership base and encouraging even more interaction within the mobile app.”

Giving members extra benefits — at no cost for your facility and no effort involved for your team — is a great opportunity to nourish your fitness community and improve brand loyalty. Plus, more in-app time with your gym’s mobile app means less time consuming fitness content from competitors!

Listen to our chat with Will & Max from Athlete Perks, to find out more about why introducing rewards at your gym means instant value creation.