Supporting Gyms During COVID-19

Technology has never played a more important role for the fitness industry than it does today in a post COVID-19 world. 

Fitness after COVID-19

Gym experiences you can’t recreate in your living room

If Joe Wicks can work out in his living room, then so can we, right? You need to think out of the box and create unique workout experiences.

Personalised digital fitness journey

Everything’s more personalised now and users are expecting to see content that applies to their goals and needs in their fitness feed too.

Building brand loyalty through digital presence

If getting your fitness brand online wasn’t a priority before COVID-19, it has become now. A social media challenge will go a long way to building a community spirit, even at a distance.

Trending Now

On Demand

From cardio classes to meditation podcasts, two words have never been more popular: “On Demand”.

Live Classes

Fitness classes can now take place virtually anywhere, anytime and on any mobile device. 

Cult Following

Many PT’s have gained a cult following throughout the lockdown with their positive attitude, healthy lifestyle and tips.

Digital Mindset

Digital fitness will likely remain a popular choice even when gyms are ready to reopen their doors to exercisers.

Fitness Impact on Members

Frozen or cancelled, members might have second thoughts about permanently returning to the gym yet. Be ready to prepare short-term contracts as the temporary norm at least in the beginning of returning to the gym.

Many big brands offered free subscriptions during the period of social distancing and successfully attracted plenty of new users on their mobile and social platforms. You can make use of the model to transfer some of those views to your mobile app, or introduce a subscription model in your own gym.

Another way to monetize your brand is to offer exercise wear. This will be a good opportunity to position your brand in the daily lives of exercisers.

We started the lockdown with shortage of bread and flour and are about to end it with shortage of home exercise equipment. Get to know the changing needs of your members and don’t underestimate the power of home workouts.

What have we developed to help you manage this change?

On Demand

Our team developed and delivered Membr On Demand to help you stay engaged with your members

Gym Floor Management

Control and limit the number of attendees at any point of the day to ensure safe social distancing.

App Access Control

With QR code entry system, you can offer contactless gym entry for all members.

Operational Emails

Demonstrate your business strategy and commitment by sharing your reopening actions ahead of time.

Online Sign Up

Encourage members to sign up online as a contactless method within the first phases of reopening.

Outside Classes

Offer outside classes using the Booking Calendar and promote workouts at a distance in the summer months.

Sleeping Status Reset

To support your marketing efforts, we can wake up members by resetting their status to before the lockdown started.

Member Tasks

Create member tasks to share the responsibilities across your team and manage the transition smoothly.

We are offering you further marketing & sales support



  • 6-week marketing campaign
  • Full campaign content & video creation
  • 1 x high converting landing page
  • 6-week social Ads creation & management
  • Valuable online tracking support

Leads +

  • Online audit
  • Prospect software usage audit
  • Marketing evaluation & brand audit
  • Google search campaign support
  • Marketing print support and more


  • 6-week marketing campaign
  • Tailored conversion funnels
  • Full campaign content & video creation
  • 1 x high converting landing page
  • Online tracking integration
  • 6-week social Ads creation & management
  • 6 x tailored SMS & branded email delivery
  • Weekly support call

Sales +

  • 6-week re-opening member campaign
  • 4 x non paid social Ads creation
  • 4 x tailored SMS & branded email delivery
  • Development of a branded digital fitness solution
  • Connected fitness App integration
  • Member pathway development

From surviving to thriving

All gyms closed as part of the national lockdown.

Gyms and trainers are adapting to fitness in lockdown.

Start educating members on safety policy and changes.

Kick off your pre-sale and offer referral discounts.

Begin adding your classes for a diverse booking schedule.

Reopen your gym to members with social distance practices.

Get Ready to Reopen with Membr

Organised and delivered by:


Craig McNeil,
Head of Digital FItness​


Dan Jones,
Product Trainer

Phase 1

18 JUNE 2020, 11:00 AM

Use On

Learn how to use On Demand to educate members on health and safety policy as you work to prepare and communicate your gym reopening strategy. 

Phase 2

25 JUNE 2020, 11:00 AM

Kick Off

Learn how to make use of your marketing tools to attract leads and increase membership sales as you’re approaching your gym reopening date.

Phase 3

2 JULY 2020, 11:00 AM


Learn how to manage gym floor capacity using our Bookings Calendar, add your own restrictions and implement app access control.

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Reopening Checklists

Get ahead in your planning. You’ll receive more information after every webinar.

Educate members

Engage members

Empower members

Back 2 Basics with Membr

21 JULY 2020, 11:00 AM

How to Sell to Prospects

Reopening your club after the COVID-19 lockdown starts with attracting back members and acquiring leads. Combine your safety strategy with creative thinking to boost membership sales and drive exercisers back to the gym floor.

23 JULY 2020, 11:00 AM

How to Manage Members

Membership management can be a tricky challenge even for the most skilled at multitasking. Learn how to keep up impeccable admin work that saves you time, make the best use of packages, pathways and the profile tabs.

28 JULY 2020, 11:00 AM

How to Coach Digitally

Engagement doesn’t have to end with gym workouts, extend your fitness offerings with the help of digital coaching. Own your bookings calendar, create exciting On Demand content and drive brand loyalty with your own mobile app.

30 JULY 2020, 11:00 AM

How to Report Purposefully

Data is an important asset that can help you predict user behaviour and act proactively. Find your way with the Report Builder, learn how to filter, use and export data, and manage staff members with more transparency. 

Membr is here to support you help you thrive grow with you