Membr Launches Powerful New ‘Programming’ Feature

An outstanding training experience has always been at the core of what we deliver, and our product team just gave it a hefty power-up!

Our latest feature, Programming, offers PTs an easy way of organising and tracking the fitness journey of their members. Ideal for in-club and remote training, fitness programmes make a perfect addition to a new, more hybrid gym experience. 

Following an intuitive flow and a sleek structure, exercisers can easily view their progress and repeat their favourite workouts. The in-built option to like and comment enhances the training experience and gives more insight to the trainer along the way. 

Programming helps you get exercisers on a recovery programme to quickly bounce back from the downtime. 

Welcome members with increased support as they transition from working out in the living room to doing reps on the gym floor. Then gradually introduce them to more sets and reps, exercises for different muscle groups, and equipment types outside of their usual routine. 

The latest version of our extensive Exercise Library now contains 500+ individual exercises, each accompanied with a video showing the specific exercise being correctly performed to remind and guide your members.


Members join the gym and continue to pay for their membership with a clear objective — to achieve a goal! Listen to our podcast episode with athlete coach Ric Moylan to learn more about the connection between fitness programmes and habit formation.