Aaron McCulloch & James Lorey: Are PTs and Operators ready for IR35?

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“PTs have a massive role to play in the world’s public health post pandemic and IR35 will certainly help members to have more consistent experience when they are visiting their gym.”


Welcome to the second series of mPowered! We are dedicating the next couple of episodes exclusively on The Future of Personal Training. In this episode, we’ll be talking about the available resources for PTs and what the IR35 legislation means for the fitness industry.

From Tuesday 6 April 2021, organisations that engage “off-payroll” workers via an intermediary will become responsible for determining their employment status and paying Income Tax and NICs for those who are deemed to be employees.

The team at YOUR Personal Training UK have put together IR35 – Are you ready? to explain in more detail how the IR35 tax legislation will affect health clubs and leisure centre operators working with ‘freelance’ PTs and instructors.

From the UK’s largest PT Management company operating in over 400 facilities, YOUR Personal Training UK, we welcome Managing Director, Aaron McCulloch and Operations Director, James Lorey who both know a thing or two around being successful in the PT space.

Listen to the full episode now:

In our next episode our co-hosts Craig & Jack are welcoming  Nik Hanley and Anthony Park, who are the UK PT Managers for Pure Gym. Tune in for some surprising insights from two legends in the fitness industry!

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