Jack Malin: Why is the Current PT Model Failing Trainers?

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“It’s absolutely nuts that 90% of people in clubs don’t get the support from a professional. We’ve got to have more tools at our disposal as trainers than just 1 to 1 PT. “


Welcome to the second series of mPowered! We are dedicating the next couple of episodes exclusively on The Future of Personal Training, starting with what the current PT model looks like.

From PT to a global fitness business owner, Jack MalinFounder and CEO of Membr — knows digital is here to stay, whether the fitness industry is ready to catch up or not. In this episode, Jack looks back to his PT days, why the self-employed PT model is set up to fail trainers and how fitness clubs can help.

Listen to the full episode now:

Join our next episode where Craig & Jack will co-host and welcome Aaron McCulloch and James Lorey from YOUR Personal Training UK!

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