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Membr can boost member retention and motivate post-Easter gym bunnies
05 May
Membr can boost member retention and motivate post-Easter gym bunnies

Ah Easter….you were delicious! Chocolate eggs, check, roast dinners, check, post-Easter guilt…check! Easter excess may be a big incentive to some to finally make the leap and join a gym. In fact, cashback and voucher website Quidco* found that gym membership sales increased by a massive...

Management Software for Personal Trainers Tackles Flexible Fitness Trend
10 Jan
Management Software for Personal Trainers Tackles Flexible Fitness Trend

2016 has been the beginning of many different fitness trends, with some staying for the long haul and others quickly being forgot about. Luckily, our management software for personal trainers can help you keep up with all the different trends and provide your clients with a bespoke service. So,...

Fitness Apps
19 Feb
Fitness Apps – The Future of Training?
The previous blog saw us discussing online personal training – this week, we’re sticking to the ‘online’ theme as we look at fitness apps. The virtual world is growing and growing, and with all of the fitness apps, YouTube exercise videos and online PT’s out there, it looks like our gym facilities could quickly run out of fashion! Of course, many people will always prefer to stick to the more traditional method of heading out to their local gym to train. However, with so many alternative methods now out there, surely our gyms are going to have to offer something extra special and unique to retain members – otherwise we could be losing them to the virtual world of fitness apps! One side of the argument is that there's no reason to set foot in a gym thanks to hundreds of new fitness apps and online workouts. Personally, i’ll always prefer going to a gym to train – it’s a way of escaping the house and switching off from life’s demands. A gym can provide the facilities and equipment needed to get an effective training session done. If guidance is needed, there are fitness professionals around to help and most gyms have programs to follow if requested. However, for some, financial worries and having the time to travel to a gym, or having to look after children may be a barrier. In such cases, it may be that a following the guidance of a fitness app is a good alternative to still being able to train effectively.
Increase Gym Memberships
22 Jan
Are you optimising social media at your Gym?

In the previous blog I mentioned the power of ‘Inbound Marketing’ opposed to ‘Outbound Marketing’, and a great inbound marketing strategy would be to utilise social media. However, it’s not quite as simple as just posting the information you want to share whenever you like....