5 Ways to Expand Your Gym’s Fitness Video Library

Making a first impression no longer starts with the first gym visit, but with the first piece of information or content that prospects find of your fitness brand.

You don’t need to wait for prospects to visit your gym to make a good first impression. Start with your website or social media channels!

Think about a time when you wanted to visit a new restaurant. You probably checked the Tripadvisor or Google reviews, the social media posts, the menu, the staff, the story. It’s only after considering all of the information available online that you made the decision to book a reservation.

Well, the same logic applies to visiting a new gym. Before they commit to a purchasing decision, prospects want to discover testimonials, success stories, photos and videos of the place, the personal trainers, and the benefits of each membership option.

When nearly every brand has so much available information online, it won’t be an overstatement to say that prospects not only want to browse through all the available data, but that they demand it as part of the buying process.

If a prospect has to choose between two gyms and one of them has more information available on their website or social media, guess which one is more likely to be visited and joined?

The good news is that there are many different ways to create content that speaks to your future customers.  

5 Ways to Expand Your Gym's Fitness Video Library

You might be wondering at this point why should you use video and not just images or text. Well, it’s estimated that video content makes up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic today.

Video is a powerful tool when it comes to storytelling. The story comes to life thanks to the many stimuli that keep us engaged – there’s audio and video, there might be captions or effects, and it’s a lot easier to convey your call to action. 

If you don’t know where to start with video content, here are 5 ideas that will help you represent your gym’s brand more effectively.

1. Introduce your team

Film a short intro video for each of your personal trainers, so that it’s easier for prospects and new members to find their way in your facility.

How: You can interview your staff members or ask them to present themselves in a couple of sentences. It’s always a good idea to mention everyone’s personal interests, random trivia and fitness goals!

Where: You can publish the video on your website and share it across your social media channels for more exposure. Don’t forget to tag your PT’s, so it’s easy for both new prospects and members to engage with your team.

2. Upload live-streamed classes

If you’re offering remote live classes, you can save the recordings and then upload some of them to your website for new clients to get a taste of your gym.

How: Whenever you stream a class online, whether that’s through Zoom, Facebook or YouTube, make sure that you press the recording button before you get started with the workout.  

Where: Once you have your recordings saved, you can easily create a playlist on YouTube and share the individual links to your website. Alternatively, you can offer the content as On Demand videos in your mobile app as a membership perk.

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3. Record remote workouts

Some people join the gym because they know exactly what they want to do and your facility has the right equipment. Others needs a little bit more inspiration and motivation to keep the initial enthusiasm going! Offering custom workouts based on individual goals or style preferences (e.g. HIIT or yoga) is a great way to keep your members engaged.

How: Spend a day recording workouts in the gym. Once you have filmed them, you can upload them into different clips that allow more flexibility. For example, if you record a 45-minute long HIIT workout, you can cut into 3 different options: (1) Killer 45-Min HIIT Workout, (2) Energising 30-Min HIIT Workout, (3) Quick 20-Min HIIT Workout.

Where: One way to use remote workouts is to attract new members through public playlists on Youtube or by sharing the clips directly on your website. If you prefer to give remote workouts as a membership perk, you can create private playlists on YouTube or upload the workouts as On Demand videos on the mobile app.

4. Build a library of branded videos

Before you commit to recording 10 videos a week, editing another 5, and sharing video updates on social media in the meantime, it’s probably a good idea to take a look at your strategy and resources.

If you focus all of your time on video production and ignore the needs of your members looking for assistance on the gym floor, you might be left without an audience. When time is limited, it’s best to outsource the task and rely on the expertise of an experienced company.

How: We recently partnered with Fitter Stock who specialise in helping fitness content. They help fitness clubs to strengthen their brand positioning through a video-focused strategy. When you work with a company like Fitter Stock, you can, for example, order 10 videos with Yoga workouts, 10 videos with Kettlebell workouts, and 10 videos with guided meditations.

Where: Whether you want to target prospects or existing gym members, once you have the content ready it can be used for both purposes.

5. Share nutritional tips

It’s no secret that a good fitness programme without the right food diet is going to delay results. Nutritional advice has never been more important than in today’s age of fast food options being too accessible and affordable through most major delivery services.

How: Get your team to pick a topic they’re passionate about and share their tips in quick educational videos. You can talk about the benefits of adding certain ingredients to your diet, or perhaps how best to structure your meals, so that you have energy throughout the day.

Where: The best thing about short clips is that they have higher chances of being watched and more channels for distribution. You can attract new leads and speak to your existing members in social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. If you prefer to keep this as an exclusive membership benefit, you can add the videos to your mobile app and expand your On Demand video collection.

Video marketing can help you elevate your gym’s brand image. Remember to stick to your brand, speak from the heart and keep in mind what your target audiences need from you in order to successfully reach their fitness goals. 

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