How to Help Gym Members With New Year’s Resolutions

Gyms and health clubs are the perfect place to reach your New Year’s resolutions – the trick for gym members is to work together with trainers!

Did you know that the most common New Year’s resolutions for 2023 are all goals that gyms can help with? (Source: Statista)

Here’s what made the top 3 in the list:

1. Exercise more (52%)
2. Eat healthier (50%)
3. Lose weight (40%)

While New Year’s resolutions can be powerful catalysts for change, they often never get fully completed due to lack of proper planning or support throughout the transformation.

If your gym members have fitness goals as part of their New Year’s resolutions (which they probably do), here’s how you can help them to actually achieve them in two simple steps!

1. Understand the end-goal

For many people writing New Year’s resolutions looks like a list of vague goals, such as “Go to the gym more often” or “Lose weight to restore your previous body shape”.

Writing a vague goal gives you some breathing room. But when you’re trying to make a lifestyle change, you’re bound to stretch a little bit and cut down all necessary distractions in order to see the results.

Speaking to your gym members in a manner that directs them to clarify what the end-goal looks like will allow them to visualise it. This in turn will help them create a stronger bond with their vision for success once it’s more specific. 

The more details that your members can describe, the more they will use them as the motivation needed when the temptation to skip a day comes into play.

Just like that “Go to the gym more often” can become a tangible goal like “Go to the gym 3 times a week” or “Go to the gym 10 times a month”, which are much easier to track and measure in terms of success.

The most secure way to achieve new levels of self-discipline is to have someone believe in you.

2. Be the accountability buddy

The most secure way to achieve new levels of self-discipline is to have someone believe in you, and even better – hype you up during the challenging times.

When personal trainers act as accountability buddies, they not only strengthen their relationship with gym members, but also have a unique opportunity to increase the brand awareness of your facility.

This can be done through sharing articles and videos created from your team specifically designed for members, or by inviting them to community based events, such as monthly fitness challenges.

The more successful gym members are with their fitness goals, the longer they’ll stay happy, loyal and paying customers of your fitness club.

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