5 Reasons Why Boot Camps Are What Your Gym Needs Right Now

This year has been tough on everyone and boot camps might just be the perfect obstacle course to blow off some steam.

Fortunately, fitness clubs haven’t been impacted by the latest government regulations (or the rule of six), even if the COVID-19 season is still ongoing. Exercisers can still took to the gym floor if they need a bit of a health boost.

The military inspired workout is the physical metaphor of what taking control of the narrative looks like when life seems to be amidst an unpredictable chaos.

Here’s why boot camps remain of one of the biggest trends in 2020 and why your gym needs them ASAP.

1. Different than your average group workout.

As a personal trainer, you can break the routines of your clients and introduce something a little bit more challenging into their training plan. There’s running, weight lifting, stretching, but more importantly team work.

While no boot camp is ever the same, each session has a specific sequence that you need to quickly adapt to while being part of a team. Just like life today. So while gym-goers are working their core, they get the benefit of building resilience and quick thinking, qualities that can later be transferred to their work life.

Whether the focus is to lose weight or get ripped, boot camps can deliver on both accounts. Besides boot camps might actually be more about mindfulness than you think.

When you focus on the present moment and forget about bills, emails and chores, that’s the definition of mindfulness.

  • Being present
  • Living in the present moment
  • Seizing the now

Yes, we’re still talking about boot camps. They can have a meaningful impact both on your gym-goers’ physical and mental health.

2. Staying social at a social distance.

The greatest benefit to boot camp exercisers is perhaps the bond that they forge with other participants.

Boot camps offer intense circuit-training with friendly faces from the gym that help keep the fitness motivation longer than usual. Not just for the duration of the workout, but enough to come back to the class next week and the week after.

The message is clear:

“Even if you can’t, together we can.”

When that message is delivered through action, it’s all the more powerful.

Right now gym-goers seem to be less interested in boutique spaces. Instead, they want to build their resistance, be part of a fitness community and regain their freedom.

Boot camps are a great way to feel part of a team while working on your strength.

Equally important, due to the large space a boot camp requires, it’s likely safer than your average group classes at the gym.

3. Great outdoors and indoors.

While boot camps are traditionally thought of outdoor workouts, they can be brought indoors to fit the shifting weather conditions.

Some of the more exciting additions to a boot camp workout are:

  • Agility ladder
  • Battle rope
  • Tractor tire
  • Weight sled
  • Slam balls / Wall balls
  • TRX

Each gym is responsible to offer a safe workout area designed according to the latest COVID-safe government guidelines. But there are no limits to what you can include in your own indoor boot camp as long as it involves social distance.


4. They’re tough, but so are you.

If the past few months have taught us anything, it is that the human spirit can handle more than we think. The same can be said about the body.

The great thing about boot camp workouts is that they push your physical limits.

Boot camps are designed to build your strength. They are intense and that’s what makes their results so great.

For those who are experiencing mental health issues like stress and anxiety & those that might be on the verge of a burnout from too much WFH, boot camps make a great place to join.

5. The perfect social media challenge.

Just like any other industry, social media has changed the rules for the fitness professionals. Word of mouth is a great way to extend your community, but it doesn’t stand a chance against social media.

Younger generations make their consumer choices based on online recommendations. This means that turning your gym ‘Instagrammable’ should be on your immediate to-do list.

I mean, who doesn’t want to try the Red Room experience at Barry’s Bootcamp?! It’s tough, it’s intense, but everyone loves it.

Image: @barrysuk

. . . . . .

Most of your gym members are on social media and already acting as your ambassadors, even if you’re not doing anything special. People love getting personal with brands, especially when they share their own values.

Boot camps are a great opportunity to both empower your members and strengthen your own gym community.

If you want to learn more, why don’t keep reading how to market your boot camp effectively.