Get ready for the January 2018 rush with Membr!

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It happens every year. Specifically every New Year. We’re talking of course about the huge increase in people signing up for gym memberships that is seen across the world come January. Post-Christmas guilt about over-indulging and a “New Year, New Me” attitude are two of the major reasons the industry sees such a massive spike at this time. So how can Membr help you make the most of this seasonal opportunity and ensure that you get your fair share of the pool of people looking to join up?

 Capitalise on your Prospect Database

By using Membr’s gym management software, over time you will gather a priceless collection of data within your Prospect area which will be continually growing as you add the details of potential members to it. So don’t forget these contacts must have shown an interest in your club to be there, and they might just be ready and willing to make the leap from prospect to member come the New Year.

Quick tips to pull in extra members…

Start your New Year’s member recruitment drive now by reaching out to your prospect database to say Merry Christmas, and include a special offer just for them.

You could create a package with a promo code ‘Newyear18’ and send a mass communication to your prospects inviting them to join on this special package for anyone who has shown interest in 2017. There may not be much response at this point in December, but when the post-Christmas urge to get fit and get healthy after all that excess strikes, your prospects may well remember that special offer you sent them and come knocking at your door…!

 Referral scheme incentives

Every (sensible) gym will be getting ready to maximise the opportunities that this time of year brings. So how can you compete? Well, prospects are much more likely to sign up if they get a great review of your facility from people they know and trust. And the people giving the reviews are more likely to make the effort if there is something in it for them. So why not incentivise your current members to do some of the heavy lifting for you and promote your gym amongst their peers by rewarding them for recommending you?

Quick tips to set up your referral package…

Membr’s software includes an in-built referral system which gives members the ability to refer friends and family to the gym using their own unique referral code. You can introduce and track successful referral campaigns via reports, and reward members for referrals as you wish. Read Membr Co-Founder and MD Jack Malin’s blog on the subject here.

So consider linking your referral packages to a special New Year 2018 offer. Setting up a referral scheme is a simple way to reward your loyal members whilst gaining new ones at the same time. It’s a win-win situation!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, and a healthy and Happy 2018!

If you’d like any more information about the features outlined above or anything else Membr-related please contact us here or to book a demo go to our calendar to find a date that suits you.

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