How can Membr help you to make the most out of your data?

The biggest challenge faced by many gyms today is finding a way to maximise results in the two main areas of health club management: Sales and Retention! So how can Membr’s software help you to make the most out of your data so you can reach for the stars in the sales and retention arena?

A key area to focus on with regards to these areas is possibly something that doesn’t command much of your attention on a day-to-day basis: Data. But take a closer look and you’ll find all sorts of hidden gems of information lying under the surface, ready to be mined, analysed and manipulated to help you rise to the sales and retention challenge!

Using the information obtained from previous sales, and maybe more importantly, non-sales, is critical for growth. Within the Membr prospects’ database, filters enable you and your staff to focus on specific areas within the sales process and will help you to answer a pop-quiz like this:

How many prospects signed up in October, which sales person signed up the most and which source is engaging the most sign-ups?

Which reports allow you to view this data and what can you predict for next month with that information?

You can learn an incredible amount from information like this, and use it to incentivise not only potential members, but your staff too (how about a reward for the top sales person?), as well as to help you to predict future sales, organize promotions and much more. Managing your prospects effectively and regular reporting alongside analytics will help sharpen your focus on increasing your closing ratios!

Once you’ve signed up a new member, your focus then shifts to maximising their membership length, improving the ‘onboarding’ process and having extra touch points within the first month to give you the best chance to retain each member a little longer!

As with the prospect database, within the Membr members’ database, filters are available for you and your staff to focus on specific areas. You could filter by New Members, categorized as anyone who has joined within the last 34 days. What patterns can you see in the results? Do your newbies look like they have formed good habits or could they use some more motivation? Perhaps you could nominate a member of staff to be the New Member port of call and make it their job to proactively reach out to help engage with your new members and really make them feel part of your gym’s family?

How about the Risk Category filter? After 34 days, your new members will be categorized as Low, Medium or High Risk and will give you an understanding of the individual’s visit history. If they change habits and decrease their visits, gradually they will become Medium Risk and if they are increasingly erratic, they will become High risk. So how can you and your staff use this data?

Well, study upon study has found that communication with your members is a key piece of the retention puzzle. Membr can help you complement your in-gym communication strategy with software that allows you to reach out to your members in a variety of ways, helping them to feel more valued, supported, engaged, inspired and motivated. Let Membr’s email pathway system help you reach out to your High Risk (and other) members for you!

Creating a bespoke pathway will help to strengthen your relationship with your customers, without requiring any extra staff time. All you need to do is write the content and select who you want to send the email to – in this case your High Risk members. Make them aware of your USPs, promote your social media pages and even offer rewards to increase their level of engagement and need of the email! A top tip is to always include a necessary action on the recipient’s part to maximise engagement eg sign up to this class to be in with the chance of winning “x”!

We hope the above has given you a taste of how Membr’s unique platform could help you to use your data to reach, and indeed surpass, your sales and retention goals. To find out more, please feel free to get in touch with us or book your product demo here!