5 Ways to Use Your Gym’s Software Better

Every year management systems become more accessible and affordable, but ultimately you need a solution that can give you all the tools to manage your gym and members in the same platform.

So you’ve invested in gym software, but have you gained a competitive edge over your fitness competitors using technology?

Here are 5 ways to check if you’re making the best use of your gym’s software:

  1. Admin automation
  2. Booking calendar
  3. Member referrals
  4. Scheduled engagement
  5. Data analytics

1. Admin automation

No one likes admin, especially busy gym operators who have hundreds of members waiting for their support and guidance. But having a good process in place for your gym’s admin can bring you hundreds more members!

Because automation isn’t about replacing the people in your gym. The machines aren’t taking over. Technology is, in fact, there to turbocharge your team and give them a new lease of life.

System emails are a great example of what admin automation can help you achieve.

A prospect joins your gym? Great, a welcome email is on its way to greet them and send them all the information they need to get started.

A member has failed their payment? No worries, a system email can remind them and offer an alternative payment method for a frictionless gym experience.

2. Booking calendar

Classes are often one of the most popular selling points for fitness clubs. Making it easy for members to view and join classes will encourage them to attend more often.

Managing a class schedule in a single platform while enabling gym members to join from their phone is a killer feature to have with your gym’s software.

With automated waiting list settings for the eager and cancellation rules for the frequent no-shows, you can stay on top of your game and understand your gym-goers better.

3. Member referrals

Your fitness club’s biggest ambassadors are your most frequent gym visitors. Giving them the opportunity to share their love for fitness with friends and family could be a powerful sales tool for your business.

“The Member Referral Code system has bought us literally hundreds of new members. Because of it our members often do our selling for us!”

A referral program that works in the background without any manual hassle can save you time and bring extra money to your gym’s profit. Building a fitness community starts with one happy customer who’s excited to spread the word!

4. Scheduled engagement

The most effective marketing is fresh, relatable and on trend. We love to see the brands we connect with use the same language we would use with our friends and family, right?

Well, planning your email and SMS campaigns doesn’t have to be a time consuming or painfully boring exercise.

With a fully integrated CRM in your gym’s software, you can create and schedule marketing campaigns in a matter of minutes.

Send targeted SMS campaigns to prospects at the perfect time – do the planning whenever’s convenient for you, then schedule them days in advance and wait for the signups.

Then welcome new members with a series of automated scheduled member emails to generate further brand awareness, highlight your competitive advantages and share helpful resources with new gym-goers.

5. Data analytics

The more you know about your members, the more you can give them fitness experiences that fit with their preferences and meet their expectations.

One way to get that information is for your team of PTs to talk to members on the gym floor and ask them as many questions as possible.

Another way that is bound to save you a lot of time is to use technology!

Once set up, your gym’s software will automatically track a lot of data as you go along with your daily routines.

You can then view daily member attendance from the reception screen, check how the team’s doing with the monthly KPIs in the main dashboard, and understand more about your memberships through additional reporting.

With the help of technology, gym owners have a unique opportunity to share their passion and knowledge of the fitness industry while building a community and growing their revenue.