What will be the next thing to integrate with personal trainer software?

The frantic pace of life in today’s society is making it increasingly difficult for personal trainers to earn a living in the traditional sense. However, we believe that by using the right personal trainer software, you can roll with the punches and integrate better into the lives of your clients.

When it comes to training clients in person, one-on-one, many personal trainers come across the same stumbling block. Clients simply “don’t have enough time,” and/or “it’s too expensive.”

This is where technology has stepped in to provide an alternative means of personal training, or in the least, raising awareness levels regarding health and exercise habits. In many cases, technology has effectively transformed the way individuals exercise around their busy modern lifestyles.

Wearables are the way forward

Before I go on, lets define the term ‘wearable’ – which in simple terms is a gadget that can be worn. The market has basically developed into two main categories of wearables, ‘smartwatches’ and ‘everything else’! There are even cars and clothes that link to certain fitness apps now.

For example, one of Toyota’s most recently-published patents is all about setting health goals inside the vehicle. A user can input a predetermined health goal into the car, and it will suggest ways to meet it – for example, by parking farther away from your final destination and completing the last leg on foot.

Similarly, smart clothing by ‘Athos’ contains sensors that track how your different muscles are used during a workout. This data is then transmitted to a smartphone app and displayed using an easy-to-read diagram, which highlights the activation and comparisons of relevant muscles.

Take on industry competition

Personal trainers need to be aware of the latest health and exercise-related inventions, particularly within the wearables and connectivity trends. In one sense, personal trainers could view this market as a threat and try to compete. However, with the money, media coverage and widespread adoption of wearables and fitness apps, it really is an impossible battle to win. Instead, we must look at how we can embrace these advances in technology and use them to our own advantage.

After all, life isn’t just busy for our personal training clients and prospects, we’re running around at 100 miles per hour too. So let’s make things a little easier for ourselves, shall we? By linking our services to all-in-one personal trainer software such as Membr, we can help to provide clients with a flexible and innovative service, linking you to your clients remotely and syncing to their fitness apps.

By utilising the best personal trainer software, you can see your revenue increase as you grow your personal training business. Providing a better level of service will lead to improved operational efficiency, increased client retention and even enhanced engagement with prospects!

Our advanced personal trainer management software connects you and your trainers with your clients anytime, anywhere. By providing this flexible service, your clients can benefit from your professional advice in the most convenient way possible. This is what will help your clients to achieve results, and form a greater bond with your service as a result. Ultimately, we care most when we are accountable to another human, and this can be made possible via virtual means.

As I said earlier, attempting to compete with this sort of technology is a lost cause. Instead, lets venture down the same pathway and use these developments to perfect our services.

With Membr, you can give clients a professional, innovative and flexible service that fits their goals into their busy lives, and grows your business at the same time. Click here for a free demo.