How to Make a Great First Impression with Personal Training Software

First impressions count. They can be the deciding factor to whether someone chooses to use your service or not. We know how important it is for you to impress your clients in order to retain them in the future. With our personal training software, we want to help you ensure your first impressions are the very best, helping you obtain and retain clients.

So, how do you give off a great first impression?

Start with the basics

Be polite, be prepared and be punctual.

Punctuality can play a massive part in creating a good first impression, turning up late comes with negative connotations, and your potential clients will often find it off putting. However, with our personal training software online, you can easily manage your schedule and ensure you aren’t late to any sessions; and with our easy access, online class and PT booking system – your clients can book in when best suits them and you can make sure you are never double booked.

Being prepared is key. You never want to turn up not knowing what you’re doing, who you’re training or for how long. Again, this is where our online booking system comes in handy! With access from mobile devices, you can see who you are having a PT session with and at what time, making sure you turn up ready to help them achieve their goals.

The manners… well that’s all down to you!

Go above and beyond

Exceeding expectations gives off great impressions. You want your clients to receive the best service possible, and with our personal training software for trainers, you can easily provide an exceptional service.

With the opportunity to sign up online, your clients can do it from the comfort of their home. Or if it better suits them, they can do it at the gym. Giving them options means they will more than likely find a way that suits them best.

Our service also integrates with the popular fitness app – MyFitnessPal. This means your clients can utilise you in the gym, and get advice for their diet, and then use MyFitnessPal to help track their nutrients and make sure they stay on track in order to reach their goals.

Find common ground

Connecting with people over a similar interest helps first impressions. Obviously, the main interest you and your clients have is health and fitness – whilst you build a relationship with them you may find other interests, but at the beginning it’s worth building on the first. Our personal training software allows you to send out automated and mass emails to your clients, these could include interesting articles about fitness and health, workout routines or offers you’ve found on fitness gear.

We know how important first impressions are, and our personal training software for trainers is designed to help you make the best. We are here to help you be organised, and help your clients reach their goals!

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